Completion of an order:

1. Payment

Payment can be made in euros – in accordance with our offer available on the English version of our website (applicable to natural persons without Polish citizenship as well as dealers, distributors, companies, and institutions outside Poland), or in zlotys (PLN, Polish currency) – in accordance with our offer available on the Polish version of our website (applicable to natural persons having Polish citizenship as well as companies and institutions active on the territory of the Republic of Poland; in this case shipment and delivery is restricted to Poland, and a product warranty is valid only for Rogoz Audio products installed in Poland). Details concerning our bank account can be found below.

a) Minor accessories are dispatched after the full amount of money due has been received.

b) With audio stands, speaker stands, and anti-vibration platforms, we start processing your order after receiving a down payment (at least 20 percent of the full price) or the whole amount of money (including shipping charges, if they apply). If you make a down payment, the remaining amount should be paid by transfer just before the date of dispatch or in person, while you collect the stock from the manufacturer.

2. Completion date

Anti-vibration audio stands, speaker stands, platforms and accessories are dispatched allowing for the time necessary to manufacture the product you are ordering, that is:
● about 9 weeks for speaker stands,
● about 12 weeks for audio stands, platforms and accesories.

With very large distributor orders, the production time is determined on an individual basis.

3. Delivery options

a) Within Poland

● You can have your order shipped and delivered by Poczta Polska (Polish Postal Service) – to find out about the charges, please email

● You can have it delivered by a courier – to find out about the charges, please email

Within Poland, the stock is usually delivered within two working days following the dispatch day (normally the delivery is made the next day).

● You can collect your order in person, by prior arrangement. This applies only to anti-vibration furniture: audio stands, platforms, and speaker stands.

b) Outside Poland

● For most European countries land transport is used, normally by Kuehne+Nagel courier company – please contact for details.

● For non-European countries ship transport is used most frequently – please contact us by email for details.

● With small-sized products, air transport is also possible – please contact us by email for details.

If the buyer fails to or refuses to collect the goods, the seller is entitled to charge the buyer for all the consequences resulting from the delay. If the delay exceeds the period of 4 weeks beginning with the date the merchandise was placed at the buyer’s disposal, the seller will leave the aforementioned merchandise, which has been sold, but not collected, in a paid warehouse at the buyer’s own risk and expense.

Receipt / VAT invoice
Every parcel is accompanied by a receipt or a VAT invoice; the latter will be enclosed on request (a standard procedure involves enclosing a receipt). In order to receive a VAT invoice, please send in – before purchase – all necessary details concerning the firm or natural person the invoice is supposed to be made out to.


If you should find that the product your have purchased is faulty, please contact us and describe exactly what the fault is. A faulty product will be repaired or replaced, depending on the nature of the fault. The buyer covers the cost of transporting a faulty item to the service center, and the seller covers the cost of shipping a repaired/replaced item to the customer. Complaints regarding mechanical damage to a package while in shipment will be dealt with only if a written complaint report has been completed in the presence of a representative of the forwarding company. In accordance with the regulations of forwarding firms, the aforementioned report must be completed without any delay upon receipt of the package, so it is essential that you open the package and examine its contents before the courier leaves.

We do not accept COD (cash on delivery) packages.

Important note:

1. Making a purchase at our store is concomitant with accepting the above regulations.

2. We reserve the right to introduce without prior notice technological changes and improvements to our products, resulting from technical progress.

3. Should you notice an oversight on our part, or should we make a mistake or default on the conditions of the contract in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. We always try to make up for any inconvenience caused and to make sure any problems are settled to your satisfaction.

Payment in EUR (‘euro’) should be made into our EUR account:

Rogoz Audio
ul. Andrzeja 10/5

Name of bank: ING Bank Śląski
*IBAN: PL62105012141000009048682307*

Payment in USD (‘US Dollar’) should be made into our USD account:

Rogoz Audio
ul. Andrzeja 10/5
40-061 Katowice

Name of bank: ING Bank Slaski

IBAN: PL37105012141000009117288820



Payment in PLN (‘zloty’, Polish currency) should be made into our PLN account:

Rogoz Audio
ul. Andrzeja 10/5
40-061 Katowice


Name of bank: ING Bank Śląski
Account number: 93105012141000002315172706
*IBAN: PL93105012141000002315172706*

Contact us:

tel.: +48504080690
(Monday through Friday: 10 am–5 pm, Saturday: 10 am–3 pm)
fax: +48322053412

Postal address:

Rogoz Audio
Rogoz Audio
ul. Gliwicka 51
40-853 Katowice